Sunday, November 15, 2009

2004 - 2009

hey this is the snapshots of amazing journey from 2004 to 2009. and again check out some of these photos, im sure you have seen alot of these but its always good to remember the old days…

and it all start from here, our first shop

the second shop

we miss that moment :P

This is the legendary photos when the old family together help us to build this brand

ardi from lullaby from michalle

dead coke one of the fateful session

the crew when take a photo session with sinatra


our family and conquest for death in the old shop

me, roni, alex, dave from pisschrist and yudha firmansyah at distorsound 3 with conquest for death

the making of the video clip the moms berdarah
noel from the moms berdarah wear fateful

titok from cakrabirawa wear fateful jacket

me and bayu from lastkid a melodic punk band from bandung west java

medan hardcore fest HARD ATTACK III

dedek wear fateful

maksimalkan serangan made us go to the beach

pantai cermin

Our family take a vacation at the lake toba while enjoying with fresh weed from the local heroes

goty, emil, ncrot and denny

juli and welly

Juli and his favorite buffalo


iip from foredoom wear sweater fateful

moses from trying to find wear fateful, He was once an important part of us but he now prefers to make the "kopi ateng" business more bigger than kopi kapal api!

fateful under your seat!

angga wear fateful and this all about, friendship, loyalty and commitment and we proud about the way what we choose!!

new years party terror - 1 january 2006

i dont like DC comics!!

after sick of it all show, eric, budi, ncrot, moses, very, jana, richard

empatbelas, photo session for wave.. but I dont know what they think about this take session and with their final artwork.. overall thank for wave and reza..

It was me with a show from local heroes crew which I think our friend is very awesome, photos by anggi hels

ivan from blame to weakness wear fateful, photo by anggi hels

local heroes crew, there are so cool who make us the awesome show

goty and nasi padang


TRIBUTE PANTERA "Reinventing the World" Terminal Futsal, Saturday November 14th, for this time Empatbelas and Foredoom perform with new personnel. Foredoom with a new man, Richard a sxe and good guitarist who just returned from studying in Yogya.
Empatbelas without ncrot and lepoh. Ncrot was busy with the final project in his university and lepoh was sick. And yhuda firmansyah help us to fill the noise on bass. He was amazing last night
so enjoy with the photos.

arga and dedek

awen from empatbelas his very healthy last night

yudha firmansyah is so awesome, and i miss that moment.. fukkin shit

Matt Riddle or yudha firmansyah, would remind one of my fave bassist

richard with the edge and iip from foredoom

denny typical

he so cute now.. do you know what i means? if u dont know please ask all my friend :P

and again, he so cute...

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