Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Getting ready to take over the world, yeahhh.. with fateful drawing series and the raven as a driving force. wait and see, it will published in the next issues :P


final artworx

raven and me :P

manual artwork has finished and time to move

and for this time i draw it by using Chinese ink and poster color with baroness soundtrack and offcourse with john baizley influence :)

once again, raven became the object of my fave to draw.

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Monday, October 19, 2009


FAMILY TREE PRESENTS: Solidaritas Untuk Sumatra Barat! Friday, 16 October 2009, Merdeka Walk Centerpiece, 7pm - 12 pm. A benefit gigs for our family the victim of earthquake in West Sumatera. Obviously an insane show, check out these photos to really get the passion.

they are the boys who make this show happen

forelox project, and the behind of the synthesizer is a guitarist who has a very severe disease, we call the "asam urat" desease. but he's still the one who made this band happen.

our friend and family

Nurse Give A Music, the local power pop heroes.. they can make a woman laugh and cry at the same time and one thing for sure they are doctor. off course they all better than jakarta band call wee wee :P

DOSN, this band so fukkin awesome with the vocalist perform. He called "RUSA" by his girlfriend and have a great hobby. The hobby makes our family call virus!! But RUSA still our bolski the supervisor :)

Foredoom, they are back!! wow what more can i say! you guys have killllled it for us!!

Iip, from foredoom the cute pretty baby face with bazzkill skill..


photo by palti and band documentary
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Monday, October 12, 2009


with their passion, our familia stood up and standing strong in new shop.

aong and lepoh

they are couple this year, managed to hide behind a misfits jacket :P straight jacket attack has coming

sometimes alfon is our rider for some smoke :)

Rata Tengahthese man so fukkin multi talented!

bule from not delusion

dino our photografer, so hard to found dino photos :P

our driver to everywhere

toocool for school the komedian vokal from conslet a legend melodic punk band with the anthem "satu lirik yang tercipta" and if you wanna famous in our scene please make this boy being your boyfriend suckka..

cebol the handsome boys :P

juli the owner of sultz, great local brand with new things

our familia

arga, the true negative hardcore.. :P

photo by dino
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Monday, October 5, 2009


in July we start to get back to studio after almost 4 years we havent track anything for new things...and now after 4 month we finished the recording..SUCKA..!! hope it will be done on December...We're also plan to do promo gigs in several South East Asia...hiiiyaaaa...


shoegaze for gay!!

what do you think about this?

our lyrics

the most fave guitar in this world..

dedy dan wendra

our drummer.. yeahh


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26 September 2009, Family Tree Collective will held a breakthrough Medan Hardcore Brotherhood Fest event, which is driven by unity and equality spirit. There are no more new comer and old one, no east coast and west coast,no rockstar attitude, and of course hardcore what it suppossed to be called!!no bullshit!!

photo by adyza mafazy lubis

no one cares

no one cares

no one cares

the hermans

itok from no one cares

bedebah bangsat

yudi roza aka lepoh

photo by dino


makyoung from emelteer

yudha firmansyah

eric from trying to find

moses from trying to find

arga from empatbelas

ncrot from empatbelas

dedek aka cipenk from empatbelas

ade from bedebah bangsat

bedebah bangsat


toocool from h2r


photo by palti

yudha from bedebah bangsat

iip from bedebah bangsat

juli from bedebah bangsat

denny aka cebol


photo by our friends

trying to find

trying to find




ocolee from no one cares

bedebah bangsat

yagi from martyr

aji from martyr



ncrot from turtle sr

juli from turtle sr

ocolee from turtle sr

the backdrop


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