Monday, February 15, 2010


Attached are some photos I took with a camera from Dino and Arya. Two day outdoor music fest! For the first time in my hometown :D The gigs took place in the pendopo USU. Btw, this day is very important for our familia, because Awen guitarist of Empatbelas getting engaged with his girlfriend so he dont kick ass for this time. And for Ade Bedebah Bangsat this is the last show for him because he must move on to Jakarta. So congratz to you all guys...

toocool and the synth

Yophie NGM

Cpowl the disaster from NGM

Amon NGM

Today, they are my fave band in my hometown, yeahhh.. Yagi from Martyr

where are you going Toocool

Empatbelas minus Me and Awen

Denny Charisma Montana, haha


We would sing a long right here right now.. and this is our pride

Chipenk from Empatbelas

Hahaha, this is not chipenk typical

Arga you are so fukkin cute..

Suryadi and Bolski

hey, do you have bb(blackberry).. I laugh at the idea of cool, smart, update if you use blackberry.. for me BB is Bedebah Bangsat.. hahaha

Brutal Youth



everytime they say they are working, this is what they are really doing, having fun together with Fateful Familia

Juli from Bedebah Bangsat

Songot from Manifesto

Guido from Manifesto


Bolski DOSN

Jidat DOSN

Farouq DOSN

fukkin shit, i really like this photos and again i'm not on the stage because for my study..

lepoh from Empatbelas

I was noticing how my friend face were massive and looked like sausages because he drunk. btw, this is Juli from Brutal Youth

zoufy from DOSN


richie and his poor band.. haha



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photos by : dino and arya

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Is a coincidence when a friend Aca from Jakarta visit to Medan and i'm still searching data for my final project
on my campus and is a coincidence also if i searching data from cultural, heritage and historical place in Medan and Aca really liked the way to do, so we became a tour guide for Aca. and this is part of the heritage in Medan, next time I will post some more.. and check out some of these photos..

bentor aka becak motor aka becak mesin

the jak mania

angga, aca, juli, me and arga on Graha Bunda Maria Annai Velangkanni

Istana Maimoon

The Maimoon Palace, which was built in 1886 by the
Sultan of Deli, and is open to the public. The current Sultan still lives in the back wing of the palace so only a few rooms are available to the public. There is a small entrance fee. Design by architect from Italy, palace maimoon there are three main buildings. At mains building there is sittingroom (balairung) is comprising throne predominated by yellows colour. Entirety of building shows existence of solidarity of local architecture, Islam and west. Complement component like tiling, marble is delivered directly from European. Southeast there is a dressy building of traditional architecture of karo wood barium. In it is on file a cannon that by public believe as Puteri Hijau cannon cutting.

Graha Bunda Maria Annai Velangkanni

Process starts of the project is executed by September 2000 with support from Tamil Catholik community in Medan that is big family St. Bonaventura Medan. After the time/date of that is special rain or shine accompanying development of the place blessing of God hand masterpiece accompanying it. Date of 8 September 2001 statues Annai Velangkanni arrived at Indian Medan only 1 hour (clock before development work is started), which that very day is day annual celebration for Annai Velangkanni, impressing he celebrates its the birth or existence is first time in Indonesia. Its the building is dressy is architect Indo-Mogul which is typical and its (the complex design done by priest James himself clearly non architect school graduate or civil). He only gets technical help about construction from an Catholik university lecturer, even the its the workers only inhabitant which was not its the past master and development is only uses way of tradisionil without relying on modern heavy equipment a kind of crane. According to pastor James like the one is said himself to writer, relief and picture at all building done by non professional art worker, he only coincidence has ability to make it as hobby. However if now you sees its the ready made building, hence you would the monumental masterpiece would and will not believe that beautiful building of that do not be done by professional hand.

Aca, where are you looking for? hm.. i'm looking for restaurant vegan guys.. and so fukking expensive.. haha


arga, aca and juli

arga and me on maimoon palace

amazing, if the money is placed in your hands the money will be moving by itself.. if you dont trust me you can go to maimoon palace and you can see with your own eyes

shri mariamman

built to fulfill requirement of religious service for people rivets ( actually is people coming Tamil from madras, south India). This temple build the year 1884. A couple of building in northside and south entrance is allotment of arca shri idumban depicted by black barium by using cloth yellows colour, interest circuity in neck, having crown golden and arca shri bhairavar which also is depicted black barium with body underside is having cloth yellows and interest circuity in neck. At part of building mains, all its(the exterior fulfilled by relife telling deity wisnu. Atfrontage there are two arca tuwarasakti which is arca custodian, then arca siwa depicted hand four. Then there are arca shri parvathi is having crown and ber-prabha, halo found on backside an arca.

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