Saturday, December 5, 2009


We discovered another excotic sites of Medan, and we found it! Last week Me, Joseph, Julianus, Eric and Dino went to see Belawan. After taking 20 minutes trip by car, and about half hour crossing the Belawan bay by Fisherman boat named Tenggiri, we arrived to Kampung Nelayan which the place where will you find Datuk Pasir statue, monkeys, a lot of free wild birds, mangrove conservation area. Save your town, save your environment, save your heritage. if you dont know about that you need to!!We love Medan!

we sending out smoke signals for eric when his pants will burn, I must say it was one of the funnest day

mangrove conservation

kampung nelayan


people from kampung nelayan

joseph Cool body looking tanker in the front


Eric doing what he does best, holding a drink


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Actually we saw this event as not as a battle ground,but party ground! MEDAN MOVEMENT 'BATTLE OF THE BANDS was held on 29 November 2009, 2nd floor of Terminal Futsal was a party for us. There were 18 bands from various genres gave their best performanced. Leg To Decay, Hairdresser on Fire!, The Cangis, Solilokui,Martyr, Empatbelas, Trying To Find, Nurse Give A Music were counted on this event! We played with passion and laughs. We didn't forget the suplement, Girls, cims, beer and cheap vodka!

melinda from solilokui.. when she sing false hardcore its was amazing time from cirlce pit..


this is hardcore what it suppossed to be called

awen from empatbelas

lepoh from empatbelas

arga from empatbelas

goty from empatbelas on the drums

dedek from empatbelas

joseph from trying to find

moses from trying to find

eric from trying to find

well moses aka kopi ateng with the ugly face was the most amazing time for me! hehe

pretty cute??


yeahhh, roma irama aka bang haji typical.. btw, roma irama and his group soneta its a influence for the name of empatbelas! the soneta group have 14 member and we call the band with empatbelas!! thats the true story

becky and deddy from h2r

so fukkin tired

me and fermi, old member of empatbelas and bolski really like this moment.. haha

amon from nurse give a music

yopie from nurse give a music

cpowl from nurse give a music

engga from nurse give a music

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Friday, December 4, 2009


Went to check out my Familia, BEDEBAH BANGSAT, EMPATBELAS, LEG TO DECAY, SPR, BRUTAL YOUTH, MANIFESTO and more on the “SUARA BAWAH TANAH” in Pendopo USU on Saturday 22 November 09! it was good to see many bands we are really good friends with get together and have fun together.

always good hangin with fateful familia

brutal youth



empatbelas covered sound of revolution from warzone


joseph and eric become temporary member of EMPATBELAS, its coming again from the street a lion roar tribal beat.. its fukkin awesome...


arga and yudi roza aka lepoh



fukkk yuuuu!!


rio from bedebah bangsat

iip from bedebah bangsat

so fukkin sexyyy!!

yudha firmansyahh

dino from SPR

aris from SPR

roni from SPR

three muskeeters

trying to find shirt

ananda firman aka ocoleee

arya wear fateful

circle pit with fateful shirt :P

hottyyy bithceee

Juli from Bedebah bangsat being as superassstar like britney spears status as he could

ade from bedebah bangsat

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