Friday, May 28, 2010


Starting at happy sunday morning, Fateful with the wild ones issue unveils the rest of the Summer 2010 collection, delivering 4 more graphic tees which is sure to give you square eyes.

Available at sei batang serangan #20a Medan North Sumatera Indonesia..

nfrc #133 windbreaker IDR.145.000

nfrc #128 white IDR.85.000

nfrc #128 red IDR.85.000

nfrc #128 grey IDR.85.000

nfrc #129 white IDR.85.000

nfrc #129 black IDR.85.000

nfrc #129 brown IDR.85.000

nfrc #130 grey IDR.85.000

nfrc #130 black IDR.85.000

nfrc #132 IDR.85.000

nfrc #131 IDR.85.000

posted by : xencrootttox
photos by : anggia p siregar
talent by : argazmo


Woke up the next morning at my room and I couldnt leave for a few hours cause my whole street was shut down cause Bane and the TOUR South East Asia was going on that day!!! look at these photos I got. Lastweek we made the history, hard attack part 4 with Bane from Worcester US share stage with Empatbelas, Trying To Find, H2R, Martyr, Solilokui and with the true hardcore kids from this town. lots of performance for our friend and off course from Bane itself and that is more than word call hardcore its all about passion, comittment, friendship and loyalty. Not just a statement!!

Jenggod on guitar



hantam bersama

H2R feat Arga and Arga said, what i need its to be real

Trying To Find

Yagi from Martyr


ocol, yopi, bolski, palti, yudha, lepoh

eric wear fateful

tabus aka kopi ateng

was a little crazy! small gigs with the big fukking passion!

Yagi from Martyr was one of my favorite singer growing up! I think you guys should check that band mate!!

burkett!! hihihi

the multi talented, yudha "no" firmansyah

and again we have this man pic.. well done.. :P

Toocool from H2r is blowing up!!!! never been happppier for them! their show was beyond SOLD OUT the other night!!!

\m/ :P

empatbelas with soneta typical, hehe

and always arga

cici and koko

me and me :D


juli the man for that night, and off couse he is my best friend and we must get through this all shit mate..

endrok, and he got the accident whit his arm after the show.. really hardcore show.. get well mate..

richard and joseph

hany, cibunnn hunnn, wendra and his wife devi..

me and tabus

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photos by : dino, palti and iip